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The inspection is the time that you evaluate the condition of the property. It is an important time in the transaction. Below are links to documents with information to help you prepare for the inspection:

This document gives you a list of items to take care of BEFORE the inspection, such as confirming access and scheduling the right amount of time.  Click here to download the document "How to prepare for the home inspection"

The home inspector is required to give the buyer this document. It outlines exactly what a home inspection is, and isn't. This document is the "Standards of Practice" for the profession. Please review this document so that you will know what to expect.  Click here to download the Massachusetts Standards of Practice for Home Inspectors.


A fact sheet for consumers about home inspections -   Click here to download the consumer fact sheet.

Since you are making one of the largest single investments of a lifetime, it is prudent and appropriate to get as much information about this property as possible. Furthermore, the State of Massachusetts Home Inspection Licensing Law CMR266, Rules and Regulations, requires home inspectors to attempt to ascertain information by asking specific questions which are included in the following questionnaire. For your protection and the safety of the home inspector, answers to the following questions should be obtained from the Seller or Seller's Agent prior to your scheduled home inspection. Click here for the questionnaire that your agent should have the seller complete prior to the inspection.